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Statue Obsession

It’s no secret that the Greeks loved their statues. They made statues for everything, most notably their plethora of deities and Gods – Zeus, Hermes, Aphrodite, Poseidon and Artemis were all immortalised in stone for all time. Here at, we think a classy stone statue can turn any garden into a statement garden with ease.
While the Greeks were obsessed with ensuring their statues were anatomically correct and maintained a realistic stance, they were all painted in polychrome to finish. While statues these days are a lot less like the traditional Greek statue, they are still finished with a lick of paint, much like our range of garden statues and stone urns.
Greek statues were inspired by historical sculptures made in Egypt, Syria and Crete. However, they focused on glorifying the human form and over time, their sculptures became works of art, which have been revered and admired ever since.
A variety of mediums were used by the Greeks for their statue sculpts. They originally sculpted in bronze, stone and wood but soon moved on to utilising marble. They found that high-quality materials afforded them a much better quality product. In fact, it is said that many marble statues look as though they have been carved from the inside.
All of our high-quality stone garden statues come in a variety of finishes, such as Portland Stone or Bath Stone, for a classy look that stands the test of the time. That’s not where the similarities end, either. We have a range of Buddhas and Oriental divinity-themed statues for your delectation, too.
In addition to our range of animals, gnomes and stone-carved statues, we have a vast selection of other stunning garden features. Imagine a sundial centrepiece for your suntrap garden, a simple but pleasing water feature, or a beautiful stone garden bench where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your wonderfully cultivated garden.  
Whatever way you choose to decorate your garden, you can rest assured that any stone ornaments from Tor Stone are of the highest quality and will be delivered with a one year guarantee. Contact us today for more information.