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Stone Garden Bird Baths

Stone bird baths can add both a visual element and a functional element to a garden. Garden stone bird baths if situated in the right place can attract a plethora of beautiful birds into your garden without risking any vandalism to your crops - ask us for advice on this.

Our range of stone bird baths and Limestone bird baths will suit all types of garden, each one has charm, quality and character.....essential ingredients when choosing to make your garden a stone bird bath garden!

Please note each stone bird bath will be delivered to you either in 2 or 3 components for you to fix together.

Tor Stone prides itself on being one of the largest suppliers of bird baths that UK customers can choose from - we have an ever growing range of birdbaths in stock, and we are constantly striving to add even more styles of stone birdbaths. Natural Granite items may vary inshape and size. So if you are looking to add that extra something to set your landscape off, consider a garden birdbarth, consider Tor Stone - quality bird baths for sale at great prices!

Indian Sandstone Bird Baths

One of our favourite bird baths is the indian sandstone range. These bird baths have a lovely orange tinge and a wavey marble affect on them. An indian sandstone bird bath is hand carved and shipped over from India. It is really amazing how they can make these bird baths have such a smooth finish when they have been hand carved. These sandstone bird baths are also a very solid build, we recommend getting help if you are attempting to lift and place a bird bath on your own, as they are quite heavy. But once in place, it will stay forever and look amazing!

The bird baths we make ourselves in somerset come in a variety of colours shapes and sizes. We have plain classic bird baths, mermaid birdbaths, badger bird baths and we even make a bird bath that also comes with a brass sundial to place in it. So when you're looking to buy bird baths online, you won't be dissapointed when you come here.

Bird Bath Placement

The great thing about bird baths is that birds will always return once they know hey can have a peaceful bathe away from predators. So bird bath placement is key when attracting wildlife. The idea is, you want the small birds to see the bird bath and also for the big predator birds like sparrow hawks and kites to deem it too confined for them to attack. This can be a tricky situation to master especially as you may want to be able to see the bird themselves.

Our range of bird baths comes in a variety of materials:

  • Cast Stone.
  • Granite.
  • Basalt.
  • Indian Sandstone.

    Best Selling Bird Bath

    One of our best sellers is our Liberty Stone Bird Bath. This bird bath is available in a Portland Stone & Bath Stone. It comes in a three part assembly; top column and base. The base is a simple square base with a paralell square ridge. The column is unfixed to the base and sits atop of it. It too has a square bottom which bottle necks and then bulges out and gradually tapering off into another bottle neck. The top is a plain bird bath top. This peice is very smooth and looks fantastic on a patio. Our customers have always told us how beautiful this bird bath is and how well it holds water and attracts wildlife.

    A great accompaniment to a Stone Bird Bath is an Indoor Water Feature. These water features Are great for adding a colourful visual element to your garden and with the lovely trickling sound of water make a great duo with your Bird Bath.

    So if you're after a wildlife attracting bird bath, an ornamental bird bath or even a plain stone bird bath then don't hesitate to order online or contact us by phone.

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