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Autumnal Use of Garden Troughs and Pots

With the official start of autumn out of the way, our minds turn to preparing our much-loved gardens for the upcoming few months. Soon, the days will be growing shorter; the winds will become more intense with a little more bite and leaves will fall.

The colder months of the year do not mean we have to put down tools and give up on gardening, though; far from it. Instead, we show you how to make use of garden troughs and stone pots to keep your outdoor space feeling alive and kicking this season.

The nature of the upcoming season – crunchy leaves littering the lawn and flowers bidding us farewell until spring, means that we have the perfect opportunity to make a few changes and keep the garden looking alive and well this autumn.

Along with a handful of other tips for ensuring your garden makes it through to spring in one piece, we show you how to make the best use of those stone garden pots and troughs.

  1. While many people avoid adding compost until spring, buck the trend and add it now – if yours is ready, that is. Not only will this give your soil plenty of time to absorb nutrients, but it will mean any drier spells in spring aren’t too detrimental to the success of your garden.
  2. Be aware of the wildlife that exists in your garden. Many birds and small creatures rely on your plants and garden to survive, which is made harder as we head into autumn and beyond. Leave as many plants standing as you can, for as long as you can to ensure they have plenty of food in supply.
  3. Avoid the temptation to dig over your garden now – holding off until spring will naturally retain as many nutrients as possible during the colder months.

Now, with your garden prepared for the colder weather and ready for next spring, there must be something you can do in the meantime to give your garden a little oomph? Of course, there is!

Make use of garden troughs and stone pots – not only are they strong, sturdy and a stylish addition to your garden, but when filled with evergreen’s and autumnal blossoming flowers and plants, they will add an injection of life into your outdoor space this season.

All garden troughs and more bought from Tor Stone are weather treated and protected to ensure that your garden can look beautiful and alive all year round without worrying about the impact of colder weather on your features.

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