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Grandparents and Gardens

Regardless of your generation, the people that planted the gardening seed in our brains is, more often than not, our grandparents. This September, celebrate Grandparents Day by honouring their passion or pastime passed on, spending time in their gardens with them or working on your own - safe in the knowledge that it would bring a smile to their faces.

Different Ways to Celebrate

Here at Tor Stone, we are big fans of anything that gets people more involved in their outdoor space and gardens. Whether this is by working a vegetable patch, installing a water feature or simply enjoying the fruits of their labour on a traditional stone garden bench, we love it all – and we know your grandparents would, too.

How will you celebrate this year?

Quality Time Together

Spending quality time with your extended family is few and far between these days, often reserved for the holidays, birthdays or special occasions. If you’re in need of some quality time and don’t want to wait until the next family get-together, invite your grandparents over – or visit them, and spend some time indulging in a favourite hobby with them.

Family Tree

Getting to know your family tree is something extra special, no matter what your age. Spend a little time investigating your own – speak to your grandparents, aunts, uncles and extended family to ensure that no stone gets left unturned. Celebrate your research findings by inviting the family over and planting a tree as a symbol of your family unity in the garden.

Place of Remembrance

For those of you that have loved and lost, remember your grandparents with their own spot in your garden. Sit upon stone garden benches and recall those memories from childhood – the Sunday dinners with the whole family; the summers in the garden, picking fruit from the trees and helping grow sunflowers; and enjoy their memories.

However you choose to celebrate or remember your grandparents this September, get out in the garden and enjoy the last of the late summer sunshine. Soon, those stone garden seats will be too cold for your morning cup of tea and will be relegated to being an unused feature of the garden again – until spring breaks, of course.

Our team here at Tor Stone are on hand to help assist you with any queries or questions you might have. For all your garden feature needs – stone seats, garden pots, sundials and more; you know who to call – 01458 834320.