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Why Do We Love Stone Seating?

Your home garden is a place in which you can put your heart and soul. It can become an addictive hobby and an active pastime that will produce incredible results. While many people use their gardens to create a small kitchen garden with flowers for beauty and serenity, others choose to create their own fairyland or a sanctuary where they can relax and play and have a break from their hectic lifestyle or work life. What will you choose?

Designing and landscaping your garden might take a lot of time but when you let nature have its way, you will end up with a shabby, chic garden or backyard which will blossom under your care. There are many ways in which you can update your home garden. While garden statues and stone seating can be exceptional choices to add beauty and eccentricity to your garden, here are some other ways to update the look of your garden easily.

Step into the Stone Age

Create a romantic, ethereal place for you to sit in while you relax with your family, read a book or have a drink with friends. A cute nook is a perfect way to add a functional but inspired element of décor to your garden. Stone seating which is surrounded by greenery and shrubbery can be an effective way to update your seating arrangement outside, too. What's more, the stone is impervious to weather or any other harsh elements making it an ideal long-term investment that adds a touch of rustic class.


There is nothing more relaxing than a lazy afternoon, napping in your own back garden in a hammock. Even if you are not blessed with perfectly lined and placed trees, you can easily make your dream of having a hammock come true by adding a wooden pergola or a hammock stand.

Cage the Trellis

Add a little fairytale element to your garden in the form of a little fence gate; entering your garden with a sense of secrecy and the anticipation of better things to come. This is perfect for homeowners who want to separate their driveways from their private gardens. Choose to separate your arbour with a gate and surround it with trellis and shrubs creates an elegant look that suits all homes and garden designs. A shorter gate is ideal but if you want to block the view completely, choose an intricate wooden design with metal hardware to create the perfect look.

Adding Life to your Garden

There are a number of plants and trees that attract wildlife to your garden. If you want to create a magical place for your kids to play around in, invest in plants and flowers that are inviting for insects, birds and bees. If you wanted to go all out, you can also include a little pond with stone hedging to create your own little natural habitat inside your garden.

Buffet Dining

Most homeowners have a love affair with having dinner parties outside. Why not invest in a fire pit or a pizza oven that will encourage you to be more creative with your outdoor cooking instead of just using the BBQ again?

There are a lot of options for durable and sustainable outdoor furniture options and patio chairs that can be decorated with colourful fabrics to provide a comfortable place to eat your freshly cooked meals.

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