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Something Special - Garden Statues

When you think of stone sculptures or garden statues, your mind might race with stock images and stereotypical examples like proud English Lions, cheeky gnomes or medieval grotesques and scary stone gargoyles. If you’re more classically inclined, you might think of Greco-Roman gods lined up in their birthday suits, striking strong poses and depicting scenes from ancient myths and legends.

All of these are very valid examples, and look great in gardens of varying shape and size. However, there is so much more potential when it comes to adorning your outside space with something special. See a few unusual examples, below.

Be Inspired by… the First Emperor of China

How they did it…

Qin Shi Huang (the first Emperor of China) is famous for a lot of things, but one of his most recognisable and lasting monuments? The Terracotta Army.

This vast terracotta force, built to protect the Emperor in the afterlife, has stood proudly since the 2nd century BC and still fascinates us today. The warriors, chariots and horses that remain of the (estimated) 8000 strong army are arranged in height order, according to rank. Each soldier is unique, and they were all made in parts, before being assembled. A phenomenal project, even by today’s standards.

Now your turn…

Follow in the footsteps of the great Emperor and have an Umber Terracotta Warrior of your own; nestled amongst oriental plants he will look great.

Be inspired by… the Prince of Monaco

How they did it…

The Prince of Monaco’s official residence is one known to many, for all sorts of reasons. Some will be enamoured by the love story of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly; others will know the palace as the backdrop to many of the world’s most exclusive casinos, and yet more will know the palace’s central role in Monaco’s history, architecture and tourism.

Outside the palace, though, amidst everything else in the stunning Mediterranean Principality, is a statue of Francesco Grimaldi disguised as a monk. This statue pays homage to the Genoese leader who first captured the Rock of Monaco in the 13th century; disguised as a monk with a small band of men, he made it through the gates and seized the rock for four years.

Now your turn…

Channel your inner Monegasque with a Grimaldi-inspired stone statue for your garden. You can choose from Saint Anthony or Saint Francis of Assisi, and either have him pride of place in the centre of your patio (just like the palace) or tucked amongst greenery or flowerbeds.

Be inspired by… Kings & Queens of Country

How they did it…

Nashville (Tennessee) is the home of good barbeque, great music and a surprisingly diverse population of statues. From bronze figures in memory of great jazz, blues and country acts dotted around the green spaces in Music Row, and the path of giant guitar statues around the city, to the giant bronze Musica statue in Buddy Killen Circle – Nashville is home to all kinds of statues.

Some more famous examples include the bronze horses outside of the Starstruck Entertainment building (40 Music Square West), where Reba McEntire used to frequent, and the impressive full-scale replica of the Parthenon in the city’s Centennial Park. Oddly enough, in a bustling and musical city, this great copy of the classic Grecian monument doesn’t look out of place – even with a life-size Athena.

Now your turn…

Bring a little bit of Music City back home with a stunning black granite pony or a wild and free running horse, or turn on the Southern (Grecian) charm with a Greek themed wall plaque or a statue of a Grecian maiden or goddess.

Mix up your outside space with a unique choice, and draw your inspiration from near and far – be it cities giving a nod to their heritage or people giving their own take on culture and diversity.