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5 Ways to Update the Look of Your Garden

Adding a few trinkets, lighting and plant pots are not enough to completely transform the look of your back garden. However, there are many other ways for you to change the entire aesthetic of your garden – people won’t believe it’s the same space! Keep reading to find out how.

Plants and Stone Ornaments

If your garden is in need of some colour or life, you can invest in a variety of plants that are different to the ones you would usually choose. Plants and greenery are the only things that will really make your garden come to life!

You can accent your plants and greenery by adding shrub; these natural additions should always be a focus point of your garden. Additionally, you can invest in stone garden pots and ornaments that have breathtaking designs. They will not only feel like they have been at home in your garden for years, but they will create some visual impact, too.

Garden Statues

Another great way to add a new dimension to your garden is through the addition of stone garden statues.

Here at Tor Stone, we have a range of statues that are affordable without comprising on quality to ensure that your garden stands out for the right reasons.

This is especially true when you add them to your front garden, adding instant curb appeal.What an artistic touch to add to the exterior of your home!

Flowers and Shrubs

When accompanied with water features and statues, colourful flowers and plants can be the single most attractive component in your garden. Many professional garden designers and landscapers use these sturdy additions as inspiration for their arrangements, so by incorporating these elements in your garden, you will soon see your floral beds coming together nicely.

Add some Comfort

Unfortunately, here in the UK, the weather isn’t always exactly what we would like, especially as we are coming up to the colder months of the year. With that in mind, the addition of a permanent shelter or an umbrella canopy is a great way to enjoy your garden no matter what the weather.

Many homeowners invest in outdoor furniture or comfortable outdoor seating which can also benefit from being sheltered from rain and other inclement weather. Add a few cushions and an all-weather table to ensure that your garden is usable living space all year round.

Stone seating makes for a great addition to a workable garden, too. As well as offering respite while working on your garden, they require very little upkeep and maintenance.

Light the Way

Another great way to add a whimsical touch to your garden is to add perennial hanging lights. The reason is simple; they are not only fun but also offer a useful function, too. Whether you want lamp-posts or fairy lights, they can provide enough light to transform a simple dinner party into something magical without distracting you from the natural beauty of the garden.

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