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Water Features

Sourced from the UK and around the world, Tor Stone Ltd  has gained an enviable reputation for its huge range of water features. Manufactured from many different materials and of all types and sizes, we are sure to stock a feature that will enhance your home or garden.

Adding movement, sound, light and interest to your garden landscape or interior design, whether it's a classical stone Fountain or a contemporary granite water feature you can choose from a vast selection.

Water Feature Installation

The most important thing to remember is that pumps should not be switched on unless they are underwater. They are designed to be cooled and protected by the water, so running them dry will cause damage.

Self Contained

Most of our water features are self contained, this means that everything you need is included. You just need to add water and connect to an ordinary household power socket. Some simple self-assembly may be required, such as connecting a tube to the pump.

  1. Dig a hole to fit the size of your reservoir you're using

  2. Place the reservoir in the hole

  3. Attach the fittings together

  4. Attach the Pump to the bottom of the Water Feature

  5. Fill reservoir with water and place the reservoir lid on the top

  6. Attach the feature to the pump

Waterfeatures come complete with a pump which has a standard three pin plug on the end.

The pump cable is 8m in length.

If you require a LED Fountain light with your Waterfeature we offer this as an option. Lights come with a 10m cable fitted with a three pin plug.

The sump size is 70cm in diameter and 40cm deep, some larger water feaures have larger sumps.

Please see Waterfeature fitting video below:

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