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Let’s Talk Birdbaths

Amidst all the mythical statues and ‘secret garden’ inspired elements we have for your outdoor space, is an often overlooked yet nonetheless stunning feature piece that will do wonders to transform the natural sanctuary that lies just outside your back door. Yes, that’s right; we’re talking about birdbaths!
Here at Tor Stone, we pride on our assortment of birdbath designs and believe that each and every homeowner can benefit from having one in their back garden. Why, you may ask? See our reasons below.
Encouraging Wildlife
One of the main advantages of investing in a birdbath is that it encourages wildlife in your garden, inviting birds to bathe and keep common pests under control. On top of plant life benefitting from fewer pests munching away at leaves, a birdbath also beckons helpful insects, all of which will help to keep your outdoor space in check.
You may be worried that a birdbath won’t quite suit your existing exterior design, but that’s where Tor Stone excel. Our diverse collection of stone birdbaths is sure to please whatever outside concept you’re striving for, without compromising on aesthetics, which brings us to our next benefit.
Aesthetic Appeal
Part of what makes a birdbath so great, aside from inviting wildlife to take a dip, is that they have high visual appeal. Thanks to a range of styles, you can dress up (or dress down) your garden any way you want, all the while keeping both nature and the family happy.
These are just three benefits of birdbaths. Of course, if you have any more, feel free to add them below in the comments or navigate our site to discover a range of styles fit for each and every design and purpose.