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Creating Outdoor Spaces

Of course, this wouldn’t be just any room. This would be an outdoor room; an extension of your home, with spaces designated for play, relaxation and socialising. This room would have a (mostly) blue sky ceiling, plenty of fresh air and lots of scope for adding personal touches and personality.
Yes, this room is your garden.
Many people look to their garden for extra space, as somewhere to entertain guests or keep a growing family busy. But how do you go about creating actual outdoor spaces?
Unlike building an extension or renovating a home, you can’t just go building walls halfway down your lawn or adding doors and windows between the patio and your flowerbeds. Similarly, if you have a smaller garden than you would like, you can’t just knock through the fence and extend your own into the neighbour’s patch.
You can, however, make clever use of various garden features to create the illusion of separate areas or more space.
Read on for just three ways to go about it.
Pretty Partitions
Your garden is not the place for plain red brick and breeze block walls. If you want to segregate sections of your garden; say separating the patio from the lawn and the lawn from the landscaped rose garden or veg patch at the far end, opt for more decorative methods. By using screens (handmade, secondhand or specially bought) or stone balustrades (to match your stone seating, if possible), you can create defined spaces without losing that open plan feel a garden should have.
Texture Medley
Using different textures isn’t something limited to indoor décor only. Just because you can’t use traditional carpet and wall coverings, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up different surfaces and add variety with a medley of materials, colours and textures. Plants, flowers and ornamental grasses are the best way to experiment with colours while using stone ornaments mixed with gravel paths, grass lawns and wooden decks can add interest in terms of texture.
Optical Illusions
Last but not least, if you have a small courtyard garden or a narrow passageway in which you want to create the illusion of more space, you can always use mirrors. Far from being for dressing tables and mantle places alone,  mirrors work incredibly well outside. Our range includes everything from rustic effects and Classic designs, to gothic style windows. As such, they add interest to a space, as well as create the impression that your garden goes on for miles, and miles, and miles. Hang them on a wall and enjoy the impact such a simple touch can make.
Of course, depending on the size and shape of your garden, as well as your personal requirements and restrictions, there are a hundred and one ways to go about creating outdoor spaces. You might be able to do some serious landscaping, adding different levels and layers to the garden, or you might need an all-in-one fix for your cosy cottage garden.
Either way, there are plenty of options. From our mirrors and balustrades to an old screen you use on the patio throughout the summer months. Be creative and enjoy your garden to the full. And if you need any help doing just that,  get in touch with Tor Stone - we’d be happy to help!