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The Benefits of Garden Troughs

Living with back pain of some sort is an issue that the majority of people will have to deal with at some stage in their life. While the ways in which we injure our backs can vary, the pain itself will always be debilitating and an inconvenience.

Long term back pain can make it difficult to enjoy some of the things we used to take for granted, such as gardening. However, there is always a way to make life enjoyable - especially when it comes to getting back in the garden.

Here at Tor Stone, we know that our customers will appreciate the aesthetics and visual appeal of our garden troughs, as well as appreciating the fact that they can tend to their gardens without worry.

What is a Garden Trough?

Garden troughs have been around for thousands of years and were present in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman gardens, alongside hanging baskets and other contained garden elements.

Working solely from a garden container or trough has many benefits for the avid gardener.

  • Plants are easily contained and worked on, with minimal space for weeds to take over
  • Any bacteria or disease within one plant is less likely to spread around the garden when you use a garden trough for your flowers
  • Pests are much easier to control
  • Working higher up makes life much easier for those with back pain – and for those without! You can work sat down or you can stagger the height of your containers and troughs to ensure life is as easy as you need it to be
  • You can move your garden trough around as and when you please to make the most of the sun, shelter or even just for aesthetics
  • Garden containers are a great way of getting kids involved with gardening and getting out in the fresh air

Our range of garden troughs provides variety in style and design from traditional to grand to modern, from rustic to beautifully crafted, from ornate and delicate to strong and sturdy. Whatever you need from a garden container, you will find it with Tor Stone. For inspiration on how to plant yours, please click here for some advice from Alan Titchmarsh.

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