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Protecting Your Home and Garden

We are all protective of the things we own, especially when it comes to homes and gardens. After all, we have invested time, money and love into them so they deserve some extra care and attention.

These days, we put up fences, gates, and even security cameras to protect our homes from physical threats but traditionally this role would be left in the capable hands of stone gargoyles.  

Where do stone gargoyles come from?

While less prominent than they were previously, stone gargoyles can still be found on older buildings and medieval architecture across the country, adorning churches, cathedrals, and even houses across Western Europe.

Gargoyles often take the form of humans, animals and beasts or grotesque and, traditionally, had two main purposes. The first was to protect the building from physical harm from water, with long necks and open mouths directing water away from building foundations. The second was to scare away evil spirits.

Then and Now

Stone gargoyles were very popular on important buildings in the medieval times, but these days they are much more frequently seen in homes and gardens. The designs today are much more statuesque in nature and are often more comical to look at than scary.

They can be used in your home and garden with the purpose of directing water away from your home or as a focal point and something interesting to look at.

It is believed that winged gargoyles were best for larger homes as they would fly the perimeter at night, warding off evil spirits before settling back down before sunrise.

Here at Tor Stone, we love anything mysterious and our range of stone gargoyles is perfect for this. We have traditional beasts, dragons and gremlins as well as gnomes, pixies and fairies to suit your personality and your garden.

So, if you’re looking for something extra special for your garden – whether as a focal point or for some added mystical protection – you can with Tor Stone and our stone gargoyles. Hand crafted and treated for all weather conditions, your home and garden will be protected in every way.

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