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Hostess with the Mostess

After months and months of double layering, hot drinks, central heating and garden neglect; it seems that summer could finally be here, or so we hope!

Time to take all the fun and dining outdoors, you say?

Wait; before you start planning those barbeques and al fresco get-togethers, your garden may not be quite as ready or as optimistic as you are. Now would be the best time to spruce up and refresh your neglected outdoor haven a little - just in time for the sunny months ahead!

Dig up those weeds, mow the overgrown lawn, trim the bushes back into shape and hose down the dirty patio! Remember to give the barbeque grill a good old scrub and get that new wicker furniture out – your garden is about to get ready for summer!

In the summer months, gardens are the ideal choice for hosting parties, dinners and even weddings! So how about this year you go that one step further and improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden altogether?

Here at Tor Stone, we are passionate about all things garden related so have a peek at some of our ideas below to give your summer sanctuary that little bit of the oomph that it needs.

You’re Hosting a… Barbeque for Family and Friends

Last minute BBQs seem to occur more often than not in the UK – we have to make the most of the sun while we have it, after all - so make sure your garden is ready for such acts of spontaneity. You’ve got the food in, your pitchers of Sangria and the Pimms are chilling but what else could give your garden that vitality that your party needs?

How about some garden planters or troughs to spruce up the place and bring some summer life to your garden? You’d be surprised at how such a small feature can add so much class and character to your outdoor aesthetics.     

You’re Hosting a… Couple’s Get Together

So, it’s a ‘plus one’ kind of get together – whether it’s a double date or just a good old catch-up with old friends. With all this love and affection in the air, a hint of romance amidst the budding blooms wouldn’t go amiss, eh? Fear not; there is plenty you can do to the garden without going over the top with the candles!

How about investing in a stone garden bench for couples? With so many different designs to suit your garden style, from sleek and sophisticated to classy and antiquated in character, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bench here at Tor Stone.

You’re Hosting a… Family Celebration

With such a beautiful garden thanks to your impeccable taste, you are honoured to be hosting the upcoming family celebration. While you have an ever-growing to-do list along with worrying about the state of your new carpet, why not host the party outdoors, in your immaculate garden and enjoy the best of what summer has to offer?

When the sun is shining, everybody will be on top form, and your new carpet will be saved from unnecessary torment. It’s always worth mentioning that the outdoor setting means you can get away with crockery of the ‘disposable’ kind, what’s not to smile about?

And while you’re smiling, why not indulge your unique garden with a little magic and charisma and have a beautiful ornate water feature installed as your final piece de ’resistance? Yours will definitely be a garden to write home about.

To add more to your garden and give it your own stamp of approval, visit us at Tor Stone today, or call us on 01458 834320.

Do you have any ideas involving stone ornaments or other garden matter? Let us know so we can share with other like-minded, passionate garden fanatics like you!