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Designing Your Garden

For a lot of people, having a beautiful garden to sit in and enjoy is on the hit list of must-haves. Finding the perfect garden backdrop can be difficult, especially as they aren’t always attached to the house you live in. Don’t let this hold you back, though! Whatever outdoor space you have, you can nurture, cultivate and design into the garden of your dreams.


With a little bit of creativity, some careful planning and a lot of green fingers, you can completely transform your garden into an outdoor living space you won’t want to miss out on. Remember, though, no garden is complete without some flowers and shrubbery, perhaps some garden ornaments and somewhere to sit – like a stone bench or decking dining area.


Choose your Garden Essentials

Consider how you would like your ideal garden to look; is it kept neat and tidy, each plant neatly in its place, or is it a little wild with running flowers and mixed borders? Consider the colours you want to see throughout the year when buying your flowers, seed and evergreens to break it all up.


Choose your focal point, whether that is some ornamental stoneware, a water feature or a statue. Perhaps a gazebo covered in honeysuckle or a stone bench under your favourite tree surrounded by flowers and nature. A strong and elegant statue nestled in amongst your flowerbeds is a great accent to either situation; similarly, a statue and a few select stepping stones can take centre stage nicely, too.


Caring for your Garden

The hard work is done and dusted, the pruning and preening has been sorted, and your garden stoneware fits in perfectly. All that is left to take care of now is the upkeep and maintenance.


Caring for your lawn, flowers and plants is something best left to the experts, so have a look at some smart tipshere. However, when it comes to stone benches, statues and more, they will also need some TLC to keep them in good condition.


All the garden stoneware at Tor Stone comes with a one year guarantee as well as protective treatments to shield them from frost and inclement weather. That being said, a little bit of upkeep and maintenance after this period isn’t difficult and will ensure you get the most from your garden ornaments and furniture.


There are water sealants available for stone garden ware to protect against rain, frost and wet weather. Damage from the elements can cause detrimental damage to these items, so it is important you protect your garden features!


If you can’t wait to get started on the garden of your dreams, why not look for inspiration on our website? We have stone benches, ornamental urns and statues, and much more for you to browse through. For more information, please contact us on 01458 834320.