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Stone garden furniture can really add both aesthetic charm, and functionality to any garden, whether its a stone garden bench or a concrete garden seat, its really adds a sense of pleasure to your garden. At Tor Stone, we have an amazing range of stone furniture and concrete furniture. Whether it's a simple stone garden bench you're after, or perhaps a stone garden seat, or maybe even some concrete garden furniture, we're sure you'll find something you like.
When the sun is out and you can't stand being indoors, one of the best places to enjoy the sun is in your own garden, on your own stone garden furniture. Because it's made from stone it warms very nicely via the heat from the sun and keeps you warm as the sun goes down.

Our stone garden furniture collection features predominently stone garden benches and a stone seat selection that rivals any other stone furniture retailer. We also make our own stone garden benches and seats out of a reconstituted stone. Because our collection of stone garden bench are made from stone they weather beautifully and are solid enough to stand up to harsh weather. Also among our stone garden furniture range are some lovely stone tables. These peices can be the best part of your garden when placed correctly!

Our concrete garden furniture has an equal range of concrete garden benches and stone benches. When you see how many styles a concrete bench can come in you'll start to picture how a different concrete garden bench or stone bench can make different parts of your garden have personality. Please do ask for any advice on how concrete benches can be the perfect accompainment to your garden - we're always happy to help!

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