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The Stones of Legends

As leading designers and manufacturers of stone statues, ornaments and other garden stoneware, here at Tor Stone our proximity to the legendary Stonehenge is not something that has gone unnoticed.

Stonehenge is classed as a World Heritage site and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area. The ancient monument is surrounded by mystery and intrigue, because, even today, nobody is quite sure why it exists.

Of course, there are a number of theories surrounding the stone circle that could be true or make-believe, but what we do know for sure is that the allure of the stones is alive and well!

Just Part of the Story

The Stonehenge monument is popular with tourists for many reasons. Some have beliefs and theories as to their existence, and many believe they are intrinsic to the solstice celebrations. As far as other theories go, there are quite a few…

  • Some believe that the stone circle is part of an elite cemetery. Bones that have been exhumed from the area are thought to have belonged to over 63 men, women and children; with the stones marking their graves
  • Others believe that creating the monument was an exercise in unity and team building. It is thought to have been constructed over 1000 years by thousands of people, working together for the first time
  • Studies have shown that Stonehenge has superb acoustics. Researchers have suggested that the stone blocks certain sounds, creating different soundscapes across the field
  • Archaeologists discovered that many of the skeletons buried near the site died of injury or illness. Chipped bluestone suggests the stones may have had healing properties
  • Another theory is that the stone circle was erected because of the sun. The monument connects with the sun during summer solstice sunrise and winter solstice sunset

Your Own Monument

Whatever theory or story you choose to believe when it comes to Stonehenge; it cannot be denied that they create a sense of purpose for many people. Take your slice of this mystery as inspiration and transform your garden, with the help of stone statues and ornaments.

Here at Tor Stone, we have a range of beautiful garden stoneware items that will instantly give your garden a facelift. Whether you opt for Easter Island statue heads, a garden bench and water feature combo for tranquillity and relaxation, or stone ornaments and troughs for planting and decoration; we promise you will find something you love in our store.

All of our stoneware items are designed and manufactured in-house, with care and passion. Quality is guaranteed, so have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

For more information on any of our products or assistance with an order, please do not hesitate to contact us