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The Popularity of Buddhism

Here at Tor Stone, we sell various Buddha statues. In recent years, the philosophy of Buddhism has retained popularity in the western world; thanks to celebrity endorsement and validation. It is a philosophy that promotes spiritual development on a personal level, exploring the nature of life in a bid to find inner peace. If you like the look of these statues and want to know a little more background info before purchasing your own Buddha statue, then please read on.
With millions of followers across the world, Buddhism is focused on identifying negative emotions in one’s life, and learning how to overcome them in order to regain positive emotions in their place. By utilising deep meditation to understand the mind and following Buddhist teachings, one is able to find lasting peace and happiness.
The Buddhist way of life is centred on seven principal teachings. These are:
The Way of Inquiry
Four Noble Truths
Eightfold Path / The Middle Way
No God or Creator
Illusion of Soul
A person who seeks enlightenment and strives for compassion for all beings through Buddhism is often referred to as a Bodhisattva. Our beautiful Bodhisattva statue would make a fabulous focal point in your garden of tranquillity.
Way of Inquiry
Buddhists are against all means of blind faith and instead, encourage honest enquiry. Keeping an open mind and tolerating those with different views is paramount in Buddhism.
Noble Truths
1 – All beings are plagued with suffering
2 – Suffering is caused by the illusion that we have a soul
3 – Letting go of the illusion of soul ends suffering in the Experience of Enlightenment
4 – This is achieved through gradual training of the Eightfold Path
Eightfold Path
The Middle Way allows the mind to reach clarity and strength through deep meditation to discover the truth.
The Eightfold path is broken down into lessons about Buddhist wisdom to transform individuals into serene beings with untiring compassion, virtue and morality. In order to protect kamma and ensure beings live an honourable life; meditation is practised to purify the mind.
1 – Right Understanding
2 – Right Thought
3 – Right Speech
4 – Right Action
5 – Right Livelihood
6 – Right Effect
7 – Right Mindfulness
8 – Right Concentration
If peace and meditation are high on your agenda, then a striking, highly detailed meditating Fan Buddha statue could fit well with your spiritual self.
Kamma / Karma
Kamma is the belief that we cannot hide from our own actions and therefore, should only reap what we sow. Refraining from unvirtuous activity because of associated bad kamma promotes a peaceful life, following the Middle Way with compassion and morality.
Due to deep meditation, many Buddhists can recall past lives, allowing them to put their current life into perspective. It is always a means of explaining bad kamma in this life, such as inequality at birth, wealth versus poverty, able bodies versus disabled bodies. Buddhists believe that you can be reborn into this realm, the animal realm and also the ghost realm.
Like Buddhism, beings that can be reborn will stand the test of time and live on for generations. Similarly, our Standing Buddha statue is built to last, inspiring you for years to come.
No Creator
Buddhist teachings encourage followers to take responsibility for their own actions and lives. For example, f you want wealth and prosperity; be trustworthy and act frugally to achieve this – you do not pray to gods for favours.
Buddhists also believe that rebirth occurs within the universe and that our universe is reborn every 37,000 million years, meaning there was no creator or all-encompassing deity.
Illusion of Soul
Buddhists believe that we are but a collection of parts and activities that when combined create human life. When we cease to exist as beings, we go back to being separate parts – there is no soul. However, they do recognise that there is some energy that passes on. The illusion of having a soul can manifest as ego, which is one of the biggest causes of suffering and discontent – thus, everything Buddhists are against.
With such an optimistic, moral and compassionate belief system, it isn’t hard to see why Buddhism is so popular across the globe. A positive and tolerant philosophy, indeed; that promotes well-being and grace to all. This certainly explains why so many people choose to decorate their homes and gardens with Buddhist statues .
If this has inspired you to better your life, relinquish the ego and follow the path to Enlightenment; then why not indulge in garden statues to remind yourself of the life you are leading?
We have various Buddha designs that make excellent focus pieces for gardens. Contact us today for more information.