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The Change in Season

Change is coming; trees are regaining colour and leaves, flowers are waking up, the smells in your garden are emerging, and the days are ever so slowly starting to get longer and brighter.

This can only mean one thing… Spring is almost here!

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home or your office, oh no. Spring cleaning your garden is a vital step towards ensuring you are ready for the upcoming year. After all, your garden won’t be the envy of all the neighbours if you leave winter dirt and grime to accumulate on your stone ornaments, or forget to prune your roses after months of cold weather.

Post Winter Clean Up

First things first, you need to prep your garden for the year; ensure your borders are tidied, the lawn is raked and ready to be fertilised, add mulch to your flower beds and clean your tools and shed – preparation is key.

It might be worth repairing any damage from winter before giving your fencing a lick of paint to get your garden feeling fresh and new again.

Flower Power

Now is the time to start preparing for new plants. Order the bulbs and seeds that you want, as early as possible after your prep work. A splash of colour in your garden can truly revitalise your outside space, so be creative and open-minded to something different to the traditional garden flowers. You might just be pleasantly surprised!

Attracting Wildlife

Just what is the best way to get your garden buzzing into spring and beyond? Do your best to attract birds and other wildlife with a bird bath, and some clever feeding and nesting points around your garden. A fresh variety of flowers will encourage the insects that are vital to a thriving ecosystem, and a stone birdbath will provide a welcome resting and cleaning spot for a broad range of our feathered friends.

Start Something New

A great garden is well maintained, profusely loved and amply cultivated. Starting a new garden project is the best way to change your garden for the better this year. Whether you want to redesign the whole layout or start a project to get stuck into, reward yourself with a treat! Our selection of stone ornaments and statues are the perfect accessory to highlight all your hard work.

Please browse the selection on our website or read through our blog for more inspirational garden ideas. Should you require any further information regarding any of our garden stoneware, please do not hesitate to contact us today.