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Stones and Roses: The Perfect Combination

If ever there was a flower that represented the quintessential English garden, the rose was it. Roses of every colour and every kind – climbing, cabbage, tea and miniature – make beautiful additions to green spaces. They can turn a stone wall into a living work of art, a small patch of grass into a romantic and delicate flowerbed, or a pot-filled patio into a picture-perfect and fragrant sanctuary.
However, if you have a rose garden that you tend to lovingly, and enjoy thoroughly, you may be wondering what else can be done with it. You don’t want to detract from the beauty of the flowers, but you know that certain features could serve to enhance the roses, rather than inhibit their growth or display.
But which features are right for what roses? Allow us to make a few suggestions.
For bits
If you only have bits of your garden accented with pretty roses, you might want to make their display a little more decorative. Our stone urns and pots are ideal, adding a sense of luxury, as well as height and portability, to your roses. So you can start them off either side of your patio doors, and move them around the patio, as you please. Depending on your preference, you can opt for decorative stone urns, reminiscent of a French garden, or subtle contemporary pots that let the roses themselves do all the talking.
For beds
Flower beds have long been popular in every kind of garden, but a bed of roses is something a little bit special. This is particularly the case with rose bushes, which sit a little prouder and make an otherwise flat flowerbed quite the feature. Amongst these rose beds, you might consider a water feature such as a traditional stone fountain, tucked sweetly into the heart of the roses. You can even play with lighting to make the display one that can be enjoyed both day and night.
For blankets
It might be that you have a blanket of roses all over your garden; climbers going up the walls and fence, bushes in the borders and a few circular beds in the centre of the lawn. In such cases, the roses no doubt make the biggest impact, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some extra features. For example, a classic stone balustrade separating your patio from your rose sanctuary, or a curved stone bench you can sit on whilst admiring the roses, perhaps even a simple but beautiful stone statue like our Sophia design, which will nestle amongst the roses in a pretty, serene fashion.
Of course, here at we have plenty of stone features to weave into your rose garden. So feel free to look around or get in touch, and start designing a garden your roses can be proud of.