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Most Wanted Garden Features

The times, they are a-changing.
It used to be en-suite bathrooms, historical features, gardens and the distance to local schools that helped sell houses. These days, the focus is largely on secure windows and doors, double glazing and broadband… but gardens are still hanging on in there.
With the recession and money worries still at the back of people’s minds, when they look to buy a house, it is reducing the cost of bills that is now important to potential buyers. However, while the public is looking to save money on the everyday things like electricity, they are still looking to project their status in the aesthetics of their homes.
People will always want their homes to look good and first impressions count. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the most wanted garden features that will make your home stand out from the other houses on the street.
  • Outdoor fire pit / Chiminea – These stylish focal points are great for chilly nights in the garden with friends, and can bring warmth to gardeners in the winter
  • Tree lined driveway – This classic combination projects an image of status and wealth. It can be easily achieved by planting aged trees, or you can look for a property that already has trees planted
  • Perfect lawn – This is easy to attain with some artificial grass, or you can cultivate, fertilise and take care of your lawn until it is lush and green again
  • Terrace or decking – Significant outdoor space for socialising and allowing room for family time outside
  • Pond – Using natural resources and encouraging an ecosystem in your back garden, is big news for 2016
  • Walled gardens - Lowered gardens with high walls and balustrading add another layer to your garden and look incredible, with minimal effort
  • Notice the lack of a pool and tennis court? Obviously, people would like the option to have these things should they have the money, time and inclination; however, for the average person looking to buy a new home, these factors are less important.
Notice that all these options are cost-friendly and easy to implement? Here at, we implore you to go one step further. Project the life you would like to have, and invest in some garden balustrading for your boundary walls, driveway or walled garden. Not only do they exude class and sophistication, but they are also elegant and grand, transforming your garden in an instant.
For further information on any of our stone garden balustrading, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.