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Keep ‘Em Tweeting

Seasons come and go as the months fly by, and with them depart gardens full of colourful flowers and their golden nectar; leaves fall from trees leaving nests exposed to the elements and foliage is left scarce of insects and shelter.
It may sound poetic, but the changing of the seasons and natural lifecycle can often mean the end for a whole host of birds that live in our gardens, even with that bird feeder you got last year.
If you want to jazz up your garden and keep birds fed and watered this winter, then perhaps it is time you invested in our of our beautiful classic birdbaths. Not only are they a striking feature for any garden, especially when the birds come for a dip, but they’re helping out your favourite birds over the colder months, too. For more information on why a bird bath is what your garden is crying out for, please take a look through our blog.
Be a saviour to the wildlife that flocks to your garden as a retreat, and follow our advice to keep those little birdies tweeting for another year.  
Remove bird feed and seeds from wire mesh packaging – it can damage their beaks and trap their delicate feet
Alternatively, you can leave out fat balls, cooked rice, mixed seeds and nuts, dried fruit, oats and even grated cheese to help keep birds full of energy throughout the colder months
Keep your stone bird bath from freezing over by putting a ping pong ball on top! It’s constant moving and bobbing keeps the water fresh all day long. This is important as birds need water to drink and to keep their feathers clean
Remember to clean up bird feed debris and change water regularly to stop bacteria breeding
If possible, feed the birds in your garden twice a day – early morning and afternoon. The birds will soon recognise this routine and will return daily to feed
Attach a bell to your cat’s collar to ensure any birds about to become lunch are alerted in time
You might want to put up a bird box – it is best to do this in autumn – for birds to stay safe and warm. As long as it is placed strategically, away from the strong wind, rain, and that cat that keeps lurking around, the birds will be happy to visit your garden.
A few, simple ways to help out our feathered friends over the colder months, and your garden becomes a hive of activity all over again; that’s what we call a win-win here at Tor Stone. Please contact us for further information on stone bird baths and so much more.