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Japanese-Inspired Garden Design

A picture of natural serenity, Japanese-inspired gardens can’t help but make us feel at ease the moment we step foot on winding gravel pathways and lose ourselves in flourishing vegetation.
However, if you’re a little short on space, but still want to achieve the undeniably beautiful setting of a Japanese design, read on.
Below, we have suggested a few ways to transform your garden with items from our own stonework collection in this particular theme, to enable you to help your family and visitors feel right at home.
Small Patio Set
Even when you’re soaking up the sun whilst weaving in and out of oriental features, you will need a place to settle with guests and family members. And what better way to combine comfort with practicality and aesthetics than with our Japanese Small Patio Set? Lightly embellished with gold symbols, this set comes in stunning white, providing an unparalleled contrast when set against vibrant flora.
Alternatively, you can also have a look at the set in green and gold, for those who aren’t too keen on the seasonal bloom, but still want a touch of colour in their garden.
Green/Gold Male Statue
If, however, you are a fan of the green and gold colour scheme, but have your heart set on our white patio set, then our green/gold male statue is just the thing for your outdoor space. Beautifully detailed and carved to perfection, this statue, also referred to as The Emperor, can be used as a centrepiece or as one of many Japanese-inspired pieces, such as our Gardener and Koi Fish Planter.  
Oriental Candle Lantern
An iconic feature of Japanese-inspired gardens is, of course, lanterns. Not only do they brighten the space when night falls, revealing a charming setting, but they enhance the appearance of even the smallest of gardens. Our Oriental Candle Lantern, available in red and gold or white, will provide the ideal finishing touch, as well as illuminate your dream garden throughout the seasons.
Of course, there are plenty more ways to inject your garden with (oriental) life! Feel free to share your ideas below or browse our website to see the rest of our stonework collection.