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Getting Back in the Garden

It might feel like this winter has lasted a lifetime because of the highs and lows and varying degrees of weather we have experienced; the mildest Christmas followed by storms aplenty and snow in late January - which even got the flowers and trees confused. In reality, however, we are approaching the last home stretch before spring hits and here at Tor Stone, we can’t wait to get back out in the garden.

As we leave winter behind and head towards spring, it is about time we dusted off our gloves and dug out our gardening tools from the back of the shed, because it’s almost time and there is work to be done! From your lawn to your garden statues to your choice of plants for the year, now is the time to get planning and be prepared.

The Lawn

Preparing your lawn for spring could not be easier and is an easy way of revitalising your garden and making it look much more presentable. A simple rake to remove fallen leaves, sticks and debris.

Remove any weeds that may have popped up, remembering to pull from the roots to stop them from reappearing. If your lawn is looking a bit patchy, apply some grass seed or fertiliser, and water thoroughly. If your lawn needs cutting post-winter, then now is the time to get this done.

The Garden Statues

Caring for stone garden statues requires a bit of an effort to maintain their appearance. When you order from Tor Stone, many of our products come with a guarantee to see them through the first few years of life. After this point, you can brush gently with water to remove any dirt or grime that may have built up.

The Plants

When it comes to the flowers and plants you want in your garden, now is the time to get ordering your bulbs and seeds for the year. Tidy up your edges, remove any weeds and add mulch to your soil to fill it full of nutrients, ready for the incoming flowers.

While we aren’t gardening experts by any stretch of the imagination, we do know the world of stone garden statues like the back of our hand. If you have any questions or queries regarding caring for your statue, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or call 01458 834320.