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Freshen Up Your Garden in 2016

As we embark on another year, seasons change and although the colder weather continues, we know that spring is on its way. Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition that often inspires people to change up the appearance of their homes and gardens. Gardens with water features are a focal point in the dressing of your outdoor space, so make the most of it for 2016.
Why choose a water feature?
Here at Tor Stone, we design and produce traditional and contemporary water features to suit all tastes and needs. One of the biggest factors people have, for choosing to invest in gardens with water features, is the visual aesthetics. Water features are constantly in flow, yet it is a motion that instils calm in people and promotes tranquillity.
The babbling noise of a water fountain is perfect for dispelling the external sounds surrounding your garden, whether it’s next door's dog or the nearby traffic. The combination of fluidity and serene sounds in your garden is perfect for easing your body and mind, after a hard days’ work.
Where do I put a water feature?
With our vast range of water features for your garden, you can decide whether to make it a focal point or a subtle addition to your outdoor space. Use on its own to highlight a specific part of your planting or add alongside a pond, for a focal point to take your breath away.
Which water feature is for me?
With so much choice, the struggle to decide which works best in your landscape can be difficult, so we’ll narrow it down to a few of our favourites for you.
The Artichoke is a concrete stone water feature that looks stylish, understated and peaceful, yet still commands attention - like most other impressive features. This would work well surrounded by chipped slate and a few evergreens.
The Basalt Fountain brings a little natural beauty to your garden. This water feature is reminiscent of the Giants Causeway – one of the most popular world heritage sites in the world. Striking and simple, this would work well as a centrepiece for a pond or a quiet corner of your sanctuary.
If a pond requires too much maintenance and installation work, then maybe consider getting a fountain. Our large circular water fountain is quaint and charming, yet exudes an air of grandeur. A dramatic focal point for any garden, this fountain is for those looking to make a statement this year.
For further information on how you can transform your gardens with water features, please contact our friendly team for advice and a helping hand, in the right direction.