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Around the World with Garden Stonework

Throughout life, the garden is a sanctuary to escape to; whether you’re slaying dragons or playing the fair maiden as a child, or watching lilies and petunias blossom as the seasons pass. So, it makes sense that our outdoor spaces align with dreams of freshly cut grass, iconic white picket fences and, of course, quality stonework to pull it all together.
But why limit yourself to just one design, when you can entwine the beauty of several cultures in one setting? Find out how you can travel around the world from the comfort of your own garden with our extensive range of stonework, below.
Classic Sailboat Birdbath
Crafted from reconstituted stone, our classic sailboat design is just what you need to begin your journey. Serving as a birdbath and sundial, this multipurpose masonry will make a simply stunning addition to any garden, thanks to its delicately carved detail and appealing colour contrast.
Best known as an Egyptian pharaoh, Cleopatra, to date, is an icon, appearing in many literary and stage works, not to forget remaining popular in the art world.  So, if a slice of history is what you’re after, we’re sure our beautiful Cleopatra statue, manufactured out of marble resin, will do your garden greenery justice.
Easter Island Heads
Easter Island is renowned for its collection of Moai (better known as Easter Island Head) statues. Characterised by their bulky noses and deep, hollow eye slits, we have a wonderful range of Easter Island Heads, from trios to fountains, all of which will look fantastic nestled amongst the flora.
Griffin with Chain
Commonly appearing in art and folklore native to Ancient Greece, a Griffin is a mythical animal illustrated with the wings and head of an eagle and the body of a lion; two creatures believed to be greatly powerful.  Our Griffin with Chain statue will add an element of fantasy to your garden, with a beautiful aged finish topping off an already exceptional design.
Tudor Pier                             
As a welcome home after a short trip around the world, our Tudor Pier is a classic and, like the stonework above, will work to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space whilst adding a touch of British history.
These statues are by no means the end of the list, though, as the collection at consists of plenty more besides. So, feel free to explore our oriental, culturally rich and historical ranges to create your own little trip around the world.