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All That Glitters is Not Gold

If you like the finer things in life, or if you simply have a soft spot for shiny and sparkly accents, you will probably incorporate such things into your home décor. Indeed, you might even want to incorporate it into your garden too.
But, save spray-painting your pansies or investing in a lot of gold-effect patio tableware, how can you add some glittering touches to your garden?
Well, you might want to consider our range of gold-finished garden statues and gold-embossed stone seating. The designs look simply stunning in gardens of every kind; small or large, modern and minimalist or floral and Oriental.
Not too overpowering, the golds are all antique shades and set off surrounding stonework and greenery very well. Not convinced how well gold and stone work together?
Granted, when most people consider having quality stone features in their gardens, they envision muted grey and sandy brown tones, which occur naturally in stone and rock of all kinds.
However, thanks to our stunning combinations of resin, crushed marble and golden finishes, here at Tor Stone you get the best of both worlds; gilt tones that offer a sense of grandeur, and robust decorative stoneware of the highest quality.
Of course, golden stonework doesn’t work in every setting, but there are some in which it can really enhance the look and feel of the garden’s design. Gardens inspired by the Orient look particularly exotic and escapist with subtle golden elements weaved throughout. And with everything from peaceful Thai deities and meditating Buddhas to Japanese patio sets and Oriental candle lanterns boasting gold exteriors or embellishments entirely, you are spoilt for choice.
If space allows, try setting the bust of Buddah atop a pedestal in the centre of a still water feature. Alternatively, the same piece would make quite the impact sat pride of place in a gravel garden.
For a slightly more delicate feel to your garden, pop the sleeping deity statue amongst whimsical greenery like Japanese Maple trees and Japanese or White Wisteria shrubs.
Or why not enjoy your Japanese cherry blossoms from the comfort of one of our Japanese patio sets, available in white and gold or green and gold?
The options really are endless, but the quality is always assured. So take a look at our range of garden stoneware, and don’t forget to see what gold additions we have for your garden. Of course, if you prefer, you can always get in touch with the team here at Tor Stone to discuss your design ideas and requirements in further detail.