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Stone Garden Statues

Our Stone Garden staues can really add a theme to your garden if chosen carefully. A garden statue can be classed as anything from a stone statue in the shape of animals such as cats, dogs, lions, ducks and hedgehogs through to concrete garden statue of boys, girls, gargoyles and even cricketers! 

At Tor Stone, we try and make sure we give you the breadth of choice, but also the help to bring your garden story together. Our stone garden Statues and concrete garden  Statues are all of the highest quality and craftmanship. We pride ourselves on both these factors, knowing that our customers will come back time after time when they want to update their outdoor ornaments or garden wall ornaments and stone garden Statues. We are forever increasing our range of stone garden Statues, so if we don't have what you are looking for now then we may have it in the future. Some of our most popular concrete garden ornaments are the white cricketers. These fellas are ideal as a gift for someone who loves their cricket. We also have a range of pagoda concrete garden  Statues which have a lovely authentic look to them.

Over the years we have increased our range to over 200 products. So be sure to check it all out when you're on the hunt.

Among our garden  Statues are a fine collection of garden statues. Garden statues have been seen in gardens for many years and when placed correctly can really add to your garden. There are so many different kinds of statues, ranging from statues of famous people, biblical characters such as David and Mary, Mythical creatures and animals and even completely made up beings that have been created by the designer. At Torstone we have tried our best to keep our range of statues broad and yet filled with some of the best statues we make.

Garden Statue Materials

  • Concrete.
  • Stone.
  • Reconstituted stone.
  • Crushed marble resin.

We have just introduced a new range of garden ornaments and statues from enigma. These pieces are absolutely stunning and feature a lovely white smooth finish. They are made out of little bits of crushed marble and mixed with a high quality resin. This forms a lovely smooth paste that is poured into a mould and is left to set. Since we have put these products up they have flown of the shelf! Due to importing this range in there may be up to a 6 week delivery, if you require quicker please phone in and check stock availably. 


Many people admire buddha statues. These come in all sorts of sizes. Our favourite kind is the small table top buddhas made from crushed marble resin. These have a lovely white on them complete with a very smooth finish. There is also a range of concrete statues to choose from too. Concrete is by far the easiest medium to make a garden statue from. That's why there are so many concrete statues out there. Most of our mythical ones are made from concrete and have a very solid build to them. They withstand the weather really well and we think some of our best garden statues are made from concrete.
Among our ever growing array of garden ornaments are a selection of Lorries, cars, trains and tractors. Most of these stone and concrete ornaments can be used as planters. These peices have superb detail on them and have a lovely grey/white finish. Because they are made from a solid concrete cast these garden ornaments are perfect for the british weather and won't be knocked over in the strong winds. These lovely stone planters can also be painted. We have seen many people paint them in their business colours or favourite footbal team colours. The lovely smooth finish holds paint really well.

In our Garden Ornaments section we also have a selection of Indian Sandstone Spheres. These Spheres, like our other Indian sandstone products, are hand carved in India and shipped over. They are the finest quality product you will find. These Spheres can be used purely for a purely decorative purpose or as a focal point of your garden aquatic arrangement. These peices look stunning with water flowing out of them whilst fitted with an LED. We Supply the pump and reservoir and LED too! As with all of our Indian Sandstone products each one looks a little different than the next but all are made with the finiest quality Indian Sandstone.

Over the years we have also admired the use of easter island Garden Ornaments in the garden. These very ancient and isolated statues feature very out of proportion heads and big noses. You can find more information about these heads at the bottom of the easter island heads sub category.

You should also check out our three part illusional garden ornaments. These ornaments are created by taking an animal or object that has part of it hidden while other parts showing and splitting it into these parts. For example our three part worm ornament. It is made out of concret and has been beautifully painted in proper worm colours. You can arrange this piece anyway you like and place it anyway you like. Also if you're feeling a bit orientla and want to add a mystical touch to your garden you can have this 3 part chinese dragon ornament. Similar to the worm ornament this piece has three parts and is made out of concrete. It is painted using a natural finish and looks very mystucal, you can even see the individual scales on the long muscley body of the dragon.

There is also a wide array of wall plaques and wall quotes in our ornaments section. Walls can sometimes be very bland spaces for gardens and unless you have a lot of foliage and creeping plants available, there isn't much you can do. This is where wall plaques come into there own. By breaking up the bland repeating pattern of a wall you create the affect that your garden is more complete. Wall quotes also give visitors something to read when they are in your garden. They usually consist inspirational quotes or funny phrases and sometimes latin. My personal favourite is" Whenever I say exercise, I wash my mouth out with chocolate".
To carry on our humorous collection of garden ornaments we also stock a range of concrete ornaments with funny quotes attached. These ornaments are made from concrete and often painted with a glossy colourful scheme. These ornaments are often on the small side and tend to have the more witty quotes on them. For example this Madman with a gun. This garden ornament features a small statue of a crazed man with a double barrel shotgun holding up a sign that says" Never mind the dog, beware of the owner!". Statues like these are ideal for adding humour to your garden and being quite small, you don't have to sacrifice any of your valuable garden space.

Gargoyles and mythical garden ornaments make superb additions to any garden. They can be funny, scary, dumb or even make your heart melt. Gargoyles tend to be the more scary kind as that was their original purpose when they were dreamt up. Fairies can play a peaceful role in your garden. A nice placid tinkerbell mincing along in your garden can bring a tranquil haze over a summers day. A mischevious elf or garden gnome can wreak havock in your garden, so be careful when buying!

If you're after a cute garden ornament then we also have a wide range of boy and girl garden ornaments. Boy can girl ornaments are a very popular section of this category. As the name suggests, they consist of tiny statues of a boy and a girl. Often they are together, expressing the cuteness of "young love". Or are brother and sister going off on an adventure. Our boy and girl garden ornaments are made our of concrete and have a white/grey finish. We also have various single statues of a boy and a girl doing the same action so you can mix and match them yourself. Quite often the ornament of the boy and girl comes with a prop, like a yoke or bench for example. One of our finest boy and girl garden ornaments is our Boy and Girl with Horse and Cart. This piece is absolutely stunning. It features a highly detailed horse statue pulling a two wheeled cart with the boy and girl sitting on the cart. The boy has a content proud expression on his face whilst the girl looks on at him with admiration.

The great thing about stone garden ornaments is that as time progresses, like wine, it matures and becomes even more desirable. We have two collections of weathered products, one where the ornament is finished with an artificial weathered look and one where we have collected and matured certain products ourselves. You can find the genuine weathered products in our special offers category. But as I was saying, as the stone gets weathered its colour begins to darken and the yellow moss begins to grow on it. These peices are more valuable and look more fitting in more gardens than brand new garden ornaments. Because old houses are also made of stone you can often match the level of weathered'ness to the stone in your garden.

Now we're onto the big stuff, Marble and granite garden ornaments. These two materials are often grouped together because they cost roughly the same and are both very heavy and desirebale materials to have in your garden. Although completely different. Marble comes from the metemorphism of limestone and is basically made up of interlocking crystals. While Granite is igneoous and is formed from cooled liquid magma.
We have a good range of garden ornaments made from these two materials and as their popularity grows, we will always be increasing our range.
Many of our garden ornaments will need somewhere to sit or somewhere where they can be seen. We make and sell a broad range of garden pedestals and columns which although are originally made for planters, make the ideal location to place a garden ornament. One perfect example is our Sorrento Garden Pedestal. This pedestal is made from a reconstituted stone and available in two colours so it can match your garden ornament perfectly. Another great place to place your garden ornament would be on a rail supported by some balusters. We offer a complete range of balustrading and have seen many garden ornaments placed atop these beautiful stone pieces.
Our ornaments also look great on garden furniture. when you're sat out in the sun admiring your beautiful garden on your nice brand new granite table set, whats better than to look down at your table and see a cute dog garden ornament placed in the middle. Dogs have got to be one of the most friendly animals around. No wonder they're mans best friend. because of this we stock a broad range of dog garden ornaments and think they make ideal additions to any garden. Like this concrete dog ornament. He is a perfect example of how adorable dogs can be isn't he? featuring the classic heart melting head tilt that all dogs seem to be able to do and a small bone between his two front legs. He is also painted beautifully and you can even see the detail of each indviual hair on him. So if you're looking to fill a gap in your garden, give on of these poor dogs a home!
Have a look through our stone garden ornaments above safe in the knowledge you are looking at the best stone garden ornaments the UK customers can buy.


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