Helios Stone Sundial

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The Helios Stone Sundial A beautiful hand made stone sundial complete with a brass armillary! Medium Size brass Armillary. Flat Stone Sundial top. Ribbed Stone column. Flat stone Sundial Base. Comes in three unfixed parts. Available in two Colours: Bath Stone and Portland Stone. Steady Sundial design. Hand made with reconstituted stone. Can be placed on most surfaces. Looks great as a garden centrepiece. Please note we are now unable to get any of the verdigris/green & brass Armillarys, so this item will now come with a 2 tone brass Armillary. Please look under the category of Brass sundials at the medium 2 tone brass Armillary to see what it looks like as this is now the one that we will send out with it, also please note size of armillary. Thank you and sorry. Code: SD10 Dimensions:Height: 36.5" Diameter: 13.5" Height exc armillary: 25.5"

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