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Stone Garden Troughs

​If you are looking for a subtle but effective way to enhance your garden’s aesthetics, using garden troughs or planters is a superb way to go. And here at Tor Stone, we have a wide and impressive range of quality troughs available, all at amazing value.
Garden troughs are a wonderful way to display plants and other such landscaping arrangements, providing a solid and sturdy base that still adds visual appeal. Stone troughs are particularly hardy and attractive, especially with the vast array of different designs available. Some are carved and moulded ornately whilst others play with shape and texture.
Our collection of garden troughs and planters is crafted from reconstituted stone, and all products have unique floral designs and patterns. Of course, we also offer less decorative designs, such as a wicker-inspired trough and our impressive Peachstone range, which has an air of elegance with its classic and quality design.
Troughs will work a treat anywhere in the garden. Use them in place of flowerbeds or as a barrier to define the garden and patio as separate areas. You can fill them with plants and flowers of all kinds, and they will be easier to care for and offer more flexibility in terms of placement.
Though the two are often confused, there is a fine line between troughs and planters. The former, which is our speciality, tends to be an elongated, hollowed-out box with room for a variety of foliage inside.
Even a simple trough can transform an outdoor space and increase the grandeur of both your home and garden, especially if it matches or complements any stone already there. Of course, our range of stone garden furniture and ornaments will allow you to match your trough to your table, should you wish.
And when it comes to the troughs themselves, we think that as effective as plain and simple can be, there is far more effect when the stone is worked into decorative patterns. That is why our range shows a wonderful level of detail and craftsmanship, which never fails to impress.
So if you’re looking to buy a garden trough, look no further. Tor Stone will have exactly what you’re looking for.

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